The north-american musician, ILLENIUM, just made one of the most awaited announcements of the year. Earlier he teased 3 big shows in 2 amazing venues: one on Madison Square Garden and the other two at Red Rocks making the fans believe an album was coming to be presented at these two dates!

Now, we have the big confirmation: “ASCEND” is coming for us in the 16th of August. This is the name of the artist’s next album, following the previous “Ashes” and “Awake“.

By looking at the name of his last two albums and the next one, and taking into consideration his logo (a Phoenix) we have a paralelism made with both the Phoenix stands and his albums. The Phoenix first is made of “Ashes“, then “Awake“(s) and finally “ASCEND“(s).

We’re still not sure what to expect from him since a singles have been released but no confirmation that they are part of the upcoming album. Plus, there hasn’t been too many IDs played at the shows besides a known collab with The Chainsmokers. There were also some rumors about a collab with the duo SLANDER.

With the news of the album he also let everyone that a “HUGE tour announcement” was coming later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for this one

We will have to wait for time to tell what will come from ILLENIUM and his next project. His latest singles have for sure been really good and, if they are present in the album, we hope that the rest of the songs can match the ones already released! For now, listen to one of the biggest fan favourite releases he put out recently, this is “Pray” by ILLENIUM:

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