Following a very special interview with the author of a marvelous and beautiful Album, RESOLUTE, Sephyx, we are delighted to announce that he was our 26th Future Connection!

His production style and marvelous melodies allow Hardstyle to ascend to a whole new dimension, and through his album RESOLUTE – of which we wrote a full review –  he was able to express just that. With this being said, it’s no surprise to see the third Single in the album being used as his intro for this wonderful Guest-mix of his. “Almost Home” starts with very soothing vocals chops and a soft melody. Allowing the track to grow ever so beautifully until reaching its climax where, this time, chopy vocals find themselves intercalated with a very prominent melody, which ends in another section where the vocalist is accompanied by guitar strings.

Other tracks from RESOLUTE that find themselves included in this episode are “Go Down“, “Into Infinity” and of course, one that couldn’t be left aside, 2018’s The Continental Anthem, “Indestructable”. This latter, of course, energy packed and filled with fuel, comes halfway into this mix, working as a statement as if to say “This isn’t over until it’s over“.

Go Down” is in our opinion, the pinacle of this week’s episode, with an insane climax and some wicked rap vocals, this one comes to show that his melodies aren’t the only thing you should fear.

His flawless productions aren’t the only tracks in this 26th episode of Future Connection however, as Da Tweekaz, Wildstylez, KELTEK, Phrantic and plenty others make the list, to compose this beautifully. Are you ready to go hard?! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for Sephyx!

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