Yesterday afternoon both Clockartz and Adaro took it to their socials to let the fans know they’re in the studio!

Fans seem quite hyped in the comments section, and you can easily understand why: Adaro is an absolute legend that has proven himself time and time again, both with his amazing releases and astonishing live performances. As for Clockartz they’re an amazing duo that has grown in recent years, and are still somewhat flying under the radar, but have been consistent with quality releases.

There’s another appeal with this collaboration – the clash between Dutch and Italian Hardstyle. Both countries have an extensive history in the genre. The legacy from these two countries in the genre is so big that Q-Dance has already done X-Qlusive events with only Italian artists, events with only Dutch artists and even an event of Italian vs Dutch artists! In addition to this, many known names from one country inspired artists from the other, and vice versa. A great example of this is Headhunterz’s well known track, The Saifam Mashup.

Adaro has recently had another high level collab with another Italian artist, Kronos, which was well received, and Clockartz have recently collaborated with Deetox on a track for her On The Edge EP! So we can definitely expect something huge to come out of this studio session… Like “Pizzakicks”, according to the duo! Stay tuned.

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