Tomorrow, Saturday, June 8th, one of the most mythical clubs in Portugal, especially in Lisbon, celebrates three years since (re)opening. Kremlin, a special house, dearest to the heart of those who loved and raved to electronic music in the 90s saw a triumphant return. To tell us more is Flipe Martins – Dub Tiger‘s real name.

On Saturday, Kremlin celebrates three years since it’s (re)born with the new management, what’s the recap of these three years?

These 3 years went beyond our expectations. Both me and my partner Fernando Rodrigues knew it wasn’t going to be an easy challenge, but we always believed in our vision and mission for Kremlin. We worked thoroughly and consistently and it is very gratifying to know that Kremlin has once again the status it deserves. We managed to give back this night life icon to Lisbon and to everyone who visit us.

If you had to choose three moments that left their mark on Kremlin since 2016, which ones would you choose?

The first one is most certainly the initial “battle” we had to renew Kremlin’s image and make it credible again to the eyes of everyone. This challenge was completed successfully. After this, it was the celebration of the first event where we’ve had huge attendance, with the debut of Deborah de Luca in the club – even before we opened there were already 500 people in line waiting to get in. The third moment, is this one we’re at, I call it cruise speed, because we’ve managed to keep a constant and consistent activity in what concerns quality.

Electronic music found in the 90’s its golden age, however, in the last few years, its growth in Portugal and its quality have been amazing. Resident Advisor already labeled Lisbon as “The European capital of arts, the next Berlin”. With such a big and organic growth, how do you see Kremlin’s both past and present participation in this growth?

In music, like in life, everything is a cycle. I understand when people say that the 90’s were the Golden Age, but I don’t really agree. If it is said that everything was new back then and that, like everything in life that’s new, had another flavor, I agree. If we ask young people nowadays what’s to them the Golden Age of electronic music, they’ll say it is now. Latins live everything more intensely and when the wave turns, everything follows it, it’s a bit like that. Electronic music, except the commercial one, will always be a niche market, but right now this niche is in excellent health. Kremlin gave its contribution in the past and it still does today. It is a club that, as long as it is well oriented, overflows with good energy. That’s the opinion of our visitants, whether they’re clients or performing artists, Portuguese or foreign.

Lisbon has been a melting pot for the underground culture, with new labels, artists, colectives, and parties appearing every day. How does Kremlin see this and stays relevant?

For a few years, with places like Alcantara Mar shutting down, and then Kremlin, some people who loved electronic music didn’t have many or any options at all in Lisbon. The only choice, during a certain period, were one off events made by different promoters in different places. In those events there’s always a lineup with many international artists and with that the habit of going to a club just for the music got lost. We want to recover that spirit of loving music above all else.

We cannot focus on just the lineup, this because in what concerns the offer of electronic music in Lisbon, it comes primarily from event promoters and not clubs. Since there aren’t many electronic music clubs, we always worry in making our own path taking into account the essential: those who chose Kremlin as the go to club to listen to good music.

On Saturday you celebrate three years, a party that counts with residents Dub Tiger and Tomaz Gee, and the headliner is the Portuguese (almost Spanish) Gonçalo who has an amazing career in our neighbor country. Any other surprises we can expect during that night?

Kremlin is a club that focuses its energies in giving good electronic music and a quality service to those who come. The experiences lived here are unique in Lisbon, and rare in the world. I travel a lot and I can make these kinds of comparisons. So let’s leave surprises aside, those who usually come here know what they can count with and those who come for the first time don’t want anything else afterwards.

Kremlin has been presenting several incredible parties with national and international DJ’s, equally brilliant theme parties and some open air parties. What’s Kremlin’s future, what can we expect, is there anything you can disclose here first hand?

Yes, Kremlin already hosted more than 100 artists in three years. I say more than 100 because many – between more or less mediatic – come again and want to come more times. The Open Air parties, that have been happening in parallel, are made by Plastik Galaxy, a label that incorporates in its structure Kremlin’s curatorship. We at Plastik Galaxy are an Editor, Agency, Event Promoter and we run Kremlin since June 2016. At Kremlin, we will continue to strive for quality in management. On Open Air events, Susets, Pool Parties, Matinés, etc… all the same. The next one is on the 28th at Castelo de Sesimbra and promises to be a memorable party.

To finish, is there something you want to say to our audience at Wide Future?

Those who are yet to visit us, don’t know what they’ve been missing on. Those who are regulars, a huge thank you for your trust. Come and toast with us to these three magnificent years and to a bright future.

Other than that, you can expect news, because despite the saying that states you can’t make changes to a winning team, settling isn’t part of our dictionary!

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