Another batch of wood goes into the flames that fire the most talked about Frontliner releases – his own album, and his B-Frontliner album!

After being allegedly being banned from Q-Dance stages, taking a hiatus and recently returning in great style with bookings on Q-Dance’s Mysteryland stage and Defqon.1, Barry started being one of the highlights of the Hard Dance scene again and even published the tracklist for his very much awaited OMG! It’s Frontliner album.

Despite this, both albums mentioned remain without any release dates announced, or any signs of appearing in the near future and a recent Q&A from Frontliner on social media made it somewhat confusing on when we’ll see these long awaited releases.

Despite mentioning his own album will come in a “few weeks/months” and “soon”, the artist also stated both his own album and B-Frontliner’s album are “Pending” and “Finalizing”, but we wonder what exactly do these mean 4 years after premiering the famous World Outside, after an official teaser back in April 2018 (which we certainly hope it wasn’t any kind of April’s fools!) and after the previews that started being posted almost one year ago to this date. One has to wonder exactly what the issue is, especially with the B-Frontliner album, and it seems fair to speculate about either schedule incompatibilities for both Frontliner and B-Front to work together or troubles on where exactly to release the album.

Either way, if we look at the bigger picture, the future is promising and the fans who’ve waited this long will most certainly be here until the albums see the light of day! You can check the relevant excerpts of the recent Q&A below:

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