After a splendid weekend at Intents Festival, the prodigy of End of Line records D-Sturb and the legends of ghost stories D-Block & S-te-Fan asked the fans who would like a collaboration between them. We do!

This is not the first time a collaboration of Hardstyle sub-genres (Raw and Euphoric) has taken place, the first few times have definitely pleased the ears of the fans and consequently the reactions of the release on D-Block & S-te-Fan’s Instagram have been positive so far.

Talking about D-Sturb, at this festival he completed his last level, the sixth. He created the Intents anthem along with Sub Zero Project and performed on the main stage making a magnificent spectacle with edits of his incredible tracks, successfully completing the last level of his “game”. The goal of this game was to test Jorrit’s (D-Sturb) production capabilities by increasing the power in his tracks and editing the same accordingly to the levels. He has edited tracks like “High Power“, “Until It’s Gone“, “Menace“, “Legacy” and others. Each level has got a goal and while he was doing his set, the “boss” would give him orders on what to do during it. Interesting, isn’t it? We remember that this young man made a remix of an extremely popular track from D-Block & S-te-Fan, “Sound of the Thunder“! This boy definitely is in the book “Legends of Hardstyle”.

Talking now about the astonishing D-Block & S-te-Fan duo, recently these gentlemen started spreading the word of the Ghost Stories, aiming to tell a horror story with these live sets, something that certainly caught the attention of fans, because it is very innovative on their behalf! We also remind you that D-Block & S-te-Fan will perform in Portugal at the Dancefloor festival in Braga. If you want to hear a ghost story, we recommend buying tickets as soon as possible.

Will D-Sturb help D-Block & S-te-Fan tell a ghost story? We have to wait and see.

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