On 9th June 2019, it was 9 years since Industria Club reopened, after a renovation of the old Industria Porto, founded in 1986. To celebrate this date, the cabin will have the privilege of receiving the Brazilian Gui Boratto, in an absolute debut in the nightclub located next to the mouth of the Douro river.

Born in 1974 in the city of São Paulo, Guilherme Boratto is an architect and sound engineer by studies, musician, composer and producer by vocation. He began his career in 1994 and for 10 years he dedicated himself to djing and mixing, working with artists such as Mano Chao, Gal Costa, Chico Buarque, Fernanda Porto or Kaleidoscópio. From 2005 he started his career as a producer. The biggest proof of his talent is the fact that soon his first album, Chromophobia, of 2007, was released in a publisher of the caliber of the german Kompakt by Michael Mayer. He also has works in Plastic City, Circle and Audiomatique, and, in the meantime, have launched their own label: D.O.C., distributed by Kompakt, which is dedicated to timeless music.

When asked about the name of his first album, Boratto replied: “The same meaning as monochromatism in architecture, which means simplicity. That’s all. I do not have a morbid fear of colors at all. But also, I was ironic. My music is really colorful”. And this is a great way to characterize his music: the result of his eclectic formation is a record full of melodic, unexpected, festive, colorful vibrations – it oscillates between progressive and minimal house, with frequent bass guitars and pianos accompanying it.

The last performance of the Brazilian in Portugal goes back to 2017, when he opened the season of Brunch Electronik Lisboa. Before, he had already played in venues such as Festival Forte, Anti-Pop Music Festival (currently Neopop), Lux Frágil and Gare Porto. Tickets are already available on the xceed platform.

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