After the success of his debut release “Control”, mysterious and enigmatic producer Maison Ware has released his third production, “In The Dark”!

Popular for his terrifying basslines and outstanding synths, the track starts with an eerie bass melody, that only stops growing until finding the sinister vocals that we got accustomed from his previous productions. His hypnotizing and haunting basses are the core of this masterpiece, allowing his puzzling persona to be captured and represented in the track.

The title of the track, “In The Dark” is a great representation of the scenario you should listen to this track, that of course, if you’re not scared of being haunted.

Maison saw his debut track be catapulted to over 100 thousand listens on Spotify and his following release, “Hypnotize” helped cement his style of production. Both seem to follow the same recipe, a deep and intriguing bassline, and some really interesting vocals, which in some cases would be a negative argument, however, he always seems to manage to give it a twist and innovate, keeping you excited for what his next release might sound like.

His heavy sounds might remind you of artists like Malaa or Tchami, but only to a certain extent, as Maison Ware brings a lot of his own inspirations to the table. Taking influence from towering lights and dark back streets of the Shibuya district in Tokyo, the city’s culture is a prominent theme reflected throughout Maison Ware’s production.

There’s only so much we can say about this track, as words aren’t merely enough to describe the dimension from where his sounds come from. Why don’t you take a listen for yourself?

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