After a clue on social media, fans are trying to discover what that means. 

The image below was posted on a WhatsApp group which was created with the purpose of giving clues on what’s going to happen to some Hard Dance DJs. The image shows a message saying “”We are reloaded to devastate and wreck havoc on society”. Immediately the fans related to War Force, (which is composed by E-Force and Warface), because of the words “reloaded” and “devastate” which relate to two famous tracks of this magnificent duo: Devastation and Reloaded.

It’s not the first time that they post a clue on social media

But, what is this supposed to mean? What’s their real plan? We must wait and find what the clues say so we can find out what is going to happen. Speaking about War Force, they left the scene in December 2017. 

E-Force and Warface made brilliant sounds together like the Supremacy Australia Anthem Coming of Noise, Droppin Bombs and many more. If you are interested to find out more of their works, listen do the album Face The Force released 2 years ago. We miss them a lot, is this their actual return? Or are we getting fooled? If this is true, we can’t wait for the return of those 2 iconic producers.

War Force

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