Reports are coming in that Pioneer corporation and KKR (the major shareholder behind Pioneer DJ) are looking to sell the company.

For years, Pioneer DJ has been the undisputed biggest player in the DJing equipment market, especially due to their CDJ media players and DJM mixers becoming the absolute standard in any club, bar or festival, and, with the rise of DJ controllers, their lineup offer great bang for the buck thanks to their quality and value. But unlike what you might be thinking, it isn’t Pioneer DJ who’s struggling, it’s their former mother company, Pioneer Corporation.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Pioneer Corp. and Pioneer DJ are NOT the same. They parted ways years ago, and since then, the only thing both companies have in common is the 15% share Pioneer Corp. holds in Pioneer DJ, and, according to reports, those 15% might “save” Pioneer Corp.

The company has struggled to be profitable – despite their new ownership – and selling off their stake of Pioneer DJ is seen as a way to make a little money. Meanwhile, before you freak out and go troll other people on Facebook comments, Pioneer DJ will remain mostly the same, as they are on top of the DJing market hierarchy and don’t show any signs of slowing down: just recently, they announced the DDJ-800, a mid-range DJ controller and the SQUID, a new hardware sequencer.

The bidding process is scheduled to end in the summer or fall.

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