Future House Music released an EP with copyright free tracks called “Futurism Volume 1: Day” (which makes us guess there will be another EP with “Night”).

The EP is a various artists compilation featuring tracks from Ben Van Kuringen, Dallerium, JRVO, Foxa, Ken Takano, Victor Tellagio, STVCKS and Castion, and it has been promoted quite a lot since last month.

Ben Van Kuringen’s debut Future House Music track, “Need U Forever” is a minimalistic Deep House-influenced track. It was already played by Lucas & Steve, Sagan, Plastik Funk, CIC, and the one and only Martin Garrix.

Dallerium & JRVO’s “Sun Goes Down” uses a well-known vocal sample building a summer track with plucky leads and well-produced bassline, and a fine classic piano. It was already played by Lucas & Steve, Sagan, CIC, Plastik Funk and Ellis.

Foxa’s “Can’t Stop Me” also uses a well-known vocal sample building into a futuristic drop, and it was already played by Cuebrick, Lucas & Steve and Plastik Funk.

Ken Takano & Victor Tellagio’s “Prisoner” starts to sound different on the first second you listen to it, and it keeps on being different, showcasing a strange yet great mixture of elements of both artists. The vocal is simply perfect, and the track was already played by Lucas & Steve, Ellis, Plastik Funk and Robby East.

Finally STVCKS and Castion’s “Out Of My Head” (that was played by Brooks on the latest Future House Music event), it’s a summer-track, with a unique amazing drop, and it was already played by Joe Stone, Lucas & Steve, Going Deeper, Ellis, Sagan, CIC, Jack Wins, Robby East, and, of course, as already mentioned, by Brooks.

Great idea by Future House Music, and the “copyright-free” also reflects a more careful look at their Youtube presence, for example, noticing that a million people follow the Future House Music channel on a daily-basis and that the channel can use that influence to provide youtubers with the finest house music for their own videos.

Stream and Download “Futurism Vol. 1: Day” here

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