After what seemed like a silent start of a year for Simon Fava, are you ready to feel the summer heat with his latest collaborations with YVVAN BACK’s?

Author of some major summer anthems, such as “Magalenha”, together with Gregor Salto, a track that blew up and became one of 2018’s grooviest tracks, Simon Fava is no stranger to the Groove scene, having released on major labels like Sosumi Records, PornoStar Records and the very popular Spinnin Records.

Sort of like a fusion between Germany and Italy’s grooviest artists, Simon Fava joins forces with YVVAN BACK, to create two outstanding tracks, “La Celestina” and “La Colegiala”.

This first one, “La Celestina”, is like the start of summer, relaxed and hot, and it works as the perfect mood settler, a track that will get your blood flowing, making you dance and feel free like never before. The tribal vocals are exactly what you would expect from these two, and the groovy melody is colourful and joyful, making this one an absolute banger.

But then there’s “La Colegiala”, which in this case, IS the perfect summer anthem. A track so bouncy and smooth that you will have it on repeat wherever you go. Once again, the vocals work as the core of the track, creating the mood for the perfectly structured drop.

These two tracks feel like a fusion of both artists and that’s exactly how a collaboration should be. From the intro, to the vocal melody and all the process before reaching their climax, both tracks will allow you to change your mood and engage summer mode.

Simon Fava was our 17th guest of the Future Connection Radioshow and it’s a true pleasure to hear such an amazing collaboration between two very talented producers. But we’ll let the music do the talking, so here is, Yvvan Back and Simon Fava’sLa Colegiala”!

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