Recently, the LNY TNZ official page on Facebook posted a message talking about why Mitchell left LNY TNZ and it’s definitely an important message for everyone who was reading it. 

Mitchell told us that last year in August, he had multiple panic attacks while producing, the doctors have diagnosed him with serious depression and he started to suffer a lot of anxiety. DJ’s lives aren’t easy!

He also spoke about the “FVCK GENRES” movement which was his best moment in his career. “FVCK GENRES isn’t just a quote to express our musical creativity, it’s a movement that allows you to not be put in a box, to not be labeled or to give a FVCK about GENRES, BOXES and LABELS.” – said the legend about this movement with all the feelings he had.

These Barong members have made history in the scene creating memorable tracks with Yellow Claw “Last Night Ever”, “Techno” with Yellow Claw, Diplo and Waka Flocka Flame, the remix of the biggest Yellow Claw tune “Till It Hurts” and with the Freestyle master Ruthless “We Don’t Care”.

We wish Mitchell a good recovery and we want to thank him for what he did in the scene. Absolute legend!

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