Anjuna has been around for quite a long time and the amount of talent they have spotlighted and come across with until this day is out of this world. One of the family members is the genius Ilan Bluestone and he just released a long awaited work of his: the We Are The Universe EP.

In fact, if you ever listened to some of Ilan’s previous works, you have undoubtedly noticed his incredible talent for mixing the perfect heartfelt melodies into aggressive and heart stabbing drops. This one is no exception and even though it only has 6 tracks, it will take you into a journey like you probably haven’t experienced yet.

Firstly, the EP kicks off with his first 2019 track Mama Africa, which brings out the true feel of what an Ilan Bluestone track is: the raw emotion on the breakdown and the mix between a darker vibe and continuous heartfelt touch to it.

Then, the track fans have all been expecting: We Are The Universe! This one has been highly requested from the moment it was premiered and once you hear it you’ll know why. It starts of with a unique Ilan beat, slowly joined by the beautiful vocals of EL Waves which build into an enthusiastic build up, finishing off on an uplifting drop, ready to take over the world as one of the most heartfelt songs to come out this year so far.

After the hype of the track that named the EP, it is now time for one of those that will make you dance like there’s no tomorrow – Steeder. This one was a part of the Hong Kong/Steeder EP and it’s needless to talk about melodies here, the whole record is a building melody and you just never want it to stop.

Now, when The Distance starts playing… you’ll feel like you just want to be on a venue, feeling the mind blowing basslines deep inside your bones. This one is going to set the distance between you and that venue aside and you will surely travel there and have the best time of your life. When you first hear the vocals of EL on this one you’ll just want to put it on repeat and never stop listening to it.

On the final line, there are two tracks equally brilliant. Hong Kong, which was also part of the Hong Kong/Steeder EP and a brand new one called Raindrops. The first one was specially made for ABGT 300, which obviously took place in Hong Kong and it brings out the best of what dance music can bring. The perfect mix between a region’s culture and what we love the most about music – unity. It sounds beautiful from the moment you start listening to it and it only keeps getting better and better.

Finally, Raindrops is truly what you’d expect from a track of Ilan’s – melodies, melodies, melodies. That’s right, this EP finishes off exactly how it started, with a perfect melodic vibe uniting everyone, wherever they listen to it, as one and making you feel like you don’t want it to end.

This EP is really something special and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you must do it. Maybe Ilan is right and We Are The Universe.

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