It wasn’t a new concept of an afternoon party at a club by Fuse Records. The recognized success of the events in Lisbon led the imprint and promoter to replicate the formula in Porto, at Boulevard. Wide Future was present at Fuse Matiné: Porto to tell you all about it.

Ruben da Silva was in charge of opening the dance floor. The DJ from Porto adopted a soft record, close to ambient house, with a low tempo and a chill vibe as the club began to fill up.

The rhythm began to rise with Nox, one of the artists of Fuse that performed: he kept playing house, with melodic crescendos and decrescendos giving a sunset wave, but, in the final part of his set, he turned the bass more intense (which may have disrupted a little bit from the daytime ambience), with some claps and heavier and more industrial sounds, making the transition to the most awaited name of the matinee: the Australian Mia Lucci.

Mia, certainly warned about the tastes of the Portuguese public – always fans of a drier and more powerful beat – opted for a much more underground set comparing to her studio productions, marked by a melodic and festive house. She started by increasing the tempo of Nox’s set and introducing some distorted vocals, common in future house. Her bass was more intermittent, with many crescendos and “bursts”, with a great adhesion by the public. The beat was mostly a snare similar to tech house, danceable and intense. In some moments she introduced female vocals, whistles and shrill bells, in order to lower the tempo, intercalating beach house and tech house. A very nice point was the bet on a bass line with bass chords, but quite harmonious and melodic, marking the rhythm with sounds that sticked in our heads.

It followed the duo The Slum Vagabunds, also known to Fuse. I would say that the duo’s greatest merit was that they had stolen the show, clearly sharing with Mia Lucci best performance award of the afternoon. Here we started to get into techno waters: the bass and the pace were even more powerful, exploring the full potential of the new sound system debuted at this event. They interspersed an acid and obscure techno style with melodic synth techno, while green lasers began to invade the dancefloor and the disco ball, to the rhythm of the frequent drops and twists that drove the audience into delirium.

And to close an afternoon full of color and dance, Miguel Rendeiro: if, at an early stage of his set, he continued the acid road of The Slum Vagabunds, then was progressively reducing the tempo and strength of the bass, even introducing some remixes of disco hits such as “Be Good To Me” by Cloonee or “Let’s Start II Dance Again” by Bohannon, bringing the music closer to a more harmonious house.

We can say that the final balance of the first trip of Fuse Records to the north of Portugal was very positive: the music, except some monotonous moments, oscillated by diverse genres and sonorities. The appearance of the space, specially prepared for the event, was also surprising: the dancefloor facing the large windows of the club, with an excellent luminosity and privileged view to Avenida dos Aliados, created the ideal environment for a matinee; while the beverage area was darkened to highlight blue neon lights behind the bartenders in the exhibitors. Another point praised by the clubbers was the presence of small tables and shelves along the dancefloor so that they could put their drinks and dance more freely, as well as the presence of sofas at the bar area, to rest and talk. Finally, it is necessary to mention the new sound system, Void Acoustics tri motion, which debuted in Portugal and behaved wonderfully, with a limpid and powerful sound.

The great parties in the afternoon, reliving the 80’s, are back in Porto by the hand of Fuse Records, and we’re just waiting for the next one!

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