At the start of the year everyone was hoping for Skrillex to drop a new album since his comeback to shows started at the end of 2018. Even though we all hoped for that, the artist did not confirm anything at the time and then, in an interview to Run The Trap he especifically announced an album was not coming anytime soon.

We are still not sure what to expect but hings are a bit different now due to his most recent rant on Twitter. Skrillex updated his situation to his followers in terms of his professional life.

The first tweet was regarding that so called ‘album’. He said that there’s “been lots of rumors of an “album”. I don’t know what it is or what to call it….”

On his second tweet that day he also said he’s “going full speed ahead , no turning back” when talking about his future work.

His last tweet of the day was a big one. The artist has been releasing some songs and this is probably addressing that:

These tweets echoed throughout the dubstep and Dance Music community with a lot of artists hyping up the situation. We hope the so waited album is finally released since Skrillex is one of the biggest Dance Music names ever.

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