The two producers come together again to launch three collaborations. After the success of the release of Radical Redemption’s album “Command & Conquer” and “Fragments” by Digital Punk, Joey van Ingen plans to continue to command. 

It is not the first, nor the second, let alone the third time that these two legends launch collaborations. They have already released “Coitus”, “Lay You To Rest”, “Protest of Indignation”, “Retaliate with Hate”, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” with Crypsis and the latest release “Poisoned By Society” with MC Alee.

But now they are planning to release “Kick Ob Je Bek“, “Colla Domina” and “Righteous Protest“. These names were recently announced in a Digital Punk Facebook post along with Radical Redemption in the studio.

At the last Radical Redemption event, in his presentation of his last album release, there was space for 30 minutes with Digital Punk only to play their collaborations and, as expected, they did a magnificent show, joining the incredible melodies of Digital Punk and Radical Redemption’s powerful beats. 

Will we have a chance to hear another 30 minutes of “Radical Punk” at Joey’s next “The Radical Redemption Event” on November 2 at the Radical Dome in Breda? We have to wait to find out! In the meantime you can check a sneak peak of one of the tracks below:

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