His main label at the moment is Disciple Records (the label which under the album came out) and some of his most iconic tracks are “Welcome To Mayhem”, “Send It” and “State of Emergency”. Throughout the years he collaborated with artists such as Virtual Riot12th Planet, YOOKiE and many more.

To fully understand this album we first need to know what “TRANSCENDENCY” really means. When consulting Dictionary we can see there are 2 main synonyms and a broad definition for the word: “superior or extreme”; “going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding”. By looking into this we know have a clear image that PhaseOne‘s goal was to go beyond the call of duty and deliver something not seen before, better than what he has ever accomplished. We can assure you he managed to do that perfectly.

The album has 13 tracks with 3 of them being the Intro, Interlude and Outro. To start things off we have “Transcendency – Intro“, a 1 minute metal introduction to what is coming with a ton of amazing drums and a guitar solo.

After a super smooth transition, one of the biggest collaborations in the album starts playing. We are talking about “Mayday” with Modestep (not only present in the production but also singing). An incredible intro with a huge bassline when the drops hits and a mid section with an astonishing melody and future bass samples.

Break Em“, a solo track by the artist, almost feels like a trip to the past. Indistinguishable PhaseOne sounds and structure. Heavy basses and metalic screeches combined with some of the sickest drums in the world. A masterpiece this is.

As we reach the fourth track of the album we have the first collaboration with the heavy metal bands. We are talking about Thy Art Is Murder in their collaboration with PhaseOne called “We Are The Free“. A heavy metal intro that leads us to what seems to be a mix between drum & bass and dubstep. Even though it is a good track, it lacks some coherence and identity.

One of the most awaited tracks after the teaser came out, “Ultima” is the collaboration between PhaseOne and the rapper Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The rapper is present in the vocals that create a beautiful environment for the buildup. The drops comes and one of the best basses I ever listened to comes. The artist even uploaded a tutorial to how he produced the bass.

Once again a collaboration with a heavy metal band. This time its Northlane in a collab called “Crash & Burn” (the first track of the album released before the official date). Perhaps my favourite song of the album, beautiful mid section, beautiful vocals, shattering drop. All said in a sentence.

Insanity” is another solo tune that is quite different from the rest. It’s not that energetic, at least for the first drop, and then hits a different bass and drums pattern in the second drop. Quite amazing.

The much awaited Interlude… “Cadence – Interlude” is a piano solo with some vocal basses in the background. It builds up insane atmosphere and has a place in my other playlists. Do not skip this when listening to the album, please!

Digital“, the third and final collaboration with heavy metal bands. PhaseOne Periphery is the first midtempo work from the producer. Heavy introduction with Periphery vocals that lead to a more melodic part before the drop comes. The drop itself is midtempo and dark for the first one and more melodic for the second one. A great combination of ‘dark’ and ‘feels’ regarding midtempo in a paralelism with the heavy metal genre. The first drop still lacks some depth and effects perhaps. Good tune nevertheless.

Something we did not know what to expect was the Subtronics collaboration, “Demon Hunter“. Fusing their 2 styles in a dubstep track is quite hard but it was done perfectly. The more experimental sound design from Subtronics with the heavy basses from PhaseOne result in a slaughter with drums coming and leaving the bass creating a big moshpit atmosphere.

The final drum & bass track with Koven is called “Lost” and was played recently in the Monstercat Showcase at Rampage where Koven preformed. The vocals are from the female artist and they fit the song perfectly. If you’re into drum & bass definitely take a listen.

Last track before the Outro is called “Headstone“. What seems to be PhaseOne showing us once again that he can produce different from what we expect. Some new basses and sounds added. That’s just showing off…

To conclude the album we have “Aurora – Outro“. It starts off with melodic basses that might remind us of a future bass track and then it evolves into a metal tune. A guitar solo comes into play with some new drums added. Truly beautiful. Something to highlight is that it doesn’t seem that final, like there is still something yet to come!

This might be the biggest bass music release of the year. There is still a lot to come from many other artists but so far it is the best we’ve had. PhaseOne really stood out and showed us what he can do. He is for sure a top producer and we hope to hear more from him soon. This album is amazing, congratulations!


[REVIEW] PhaseOne's debut album: TRANSCENDENCY
Favorite Tracks
  • Crash & Burn
  • Mayday
  • Ultima
Least Favorite Tracks
  • We Are The Free
9Overall Score

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