If you’re really into dance music, this isn’t the first time you hear the name Spencer Brown. He’s part of the Anjuna Family and probably one of the biggest emerging talents in the industry and he will finally release his collab with the one and only Raito, which everyone’s been expecting for since he played in Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 300, in Hong Kong.

In fact, after releasing his biggest project to date, Illusion Of Perfection – which will definitely make you feel like every element on every track fits together as one, creating the (pun intended) Illusion of Perfection he meant to create – Spencer is now back and he will release Space Allies this week, April the 19th on deadmau5‘s label mau5trap.

The producers’ new master track features a much darker vibe than it usually does and you can easily notice a difference from the album mentioned above and the track we are referring to.  As Spencer said, this one is from the darkest depths of my techno vault.

You can now pre order the track, but while you wait, relive the experience of Spencer Brown‘s ABGT 300 set!

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