A dream coming true: Adventure ClubCrankdat and Krewella unite in the making of a super collaboration. A melodic tune that will for sure make you shed a tear or two.

Fusing both future bass and melodic dubstep they created something truly amazing. Krewella are heavily present on the vocals and the rest of the song. Crankdat and the duo Adventure Club also did an amazing job presenting us what they can do when fusing all of the genres.

The track starts off with a simple and yet resonating melody while Krewella are singing. A great buildup starts while we wait for the drop, not knowing what to expect the first time we hear it. A burst of vocal basses with some prolonged ones are unleashed. Some darker “wubs” are also present that let us know that it is for sure a track with Adventure Club and Crankdat present.

This was a collab that the fans were waiting for a very long time since it was announced several weeks ago. Luckily it was finally released and we have nothing to do except to enjoy it until the “Next Life”. This is Adventure Club CrankdatKrewella brand new single: “Next Life”:


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