Los Angeles based DJ and producer, Effin, makes his Never Say Die Records debut shortly after making his Disciple Round Table debut as well.

Earlier this year we got two remixes already: one for Spag Heddy‘s “Noodle Neck” and the other one for Riot Ten‘s “Till We Die”. Both of them came out as official remixes!

On Disciple he collaborated with Jayceeoh producing “Level Up”, a hard hitting single. But we’re not here to talk about that because the man himself, Effin, released his first NSD EP called “Operate EP”. This is a very special one: 2019 did not start off great for Never Say Die Records. They released a lot of tracks on both their labels but everything seemed a bit easily forgettable. The songs are a success for a couple of days and then everybody moves on to the next release.

This is not going to happen with “Operate EP”. An amazing piece of work with some of the best sound design showcased this year. Effin is making a name for himself with this one: a 5 track EP with not only some of the funniest names for some of the tunes but also demoniac basslines.

An EP not produced for the weakhearted, the producer gave everything he had producing these 5 tracks. 16 minutes of insane bangers and gnarly samples. If you’re into the heaviest sides of dubstep, take a listen. This is Effin‘s “Operate EP”:

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