Jake Sweeney, a man that goes by the alias of G-Rex, has just released one of the most insane and hard-hitting EP’s in existence!

The Detroit-based DJ and producer released in 2018, his collaboration with PEEKABOO, “Babatunde”, a track that helped him carve his name, as one of the heaviest producers out there. As it was to expect, he wanted to start this year with a banger, but no one was prepared for the heat that was about to come.

On the first week of 2019, Heretic was released, a collaboration between him and Ghastly, and now, released under the label, Wakaan, home of artists such as Tynan, Liquid Stranger and Esseks, his EP, REQUIEM is out and it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


Leaving you no chance to get ready for what’s ahead, the EP opens with “Ladi”, a monstrous track that will punch you in the lungs and prevent you from breathing. Like “Babatunde”, this one builds-up over some creepy vocals, taunting you right before mayhem arrives, working as the perfect way to get prepared for what’s to come.

The track that follows is “Asylum” and just as you thought things could get heavier, G-Rex brings a horror movie feel to the track, and unexpecting causing your bass face to wake up. The wobbling melody allows the listener to catch their breath right before diving once more into the abyss of this asylum.

This terrifying and scary atmosphere seems to be the core of the album because together with STUCA, “Voodoo” comes to life. The harshness of the track is chilling and wasting no time at all, it dives head first into an absurd banger of drop, once more, filled with the heaviest sounds. But at the end of the day what is a voodoo doll without evil?

To end the EP on a high note is “Warning”. The slowly rising wobble sound grows louder and bigger, until reaching the end of the cliff where it drops into a marvellous bass drop, one that will have you on the edge of you seat bouncing your head from side to side. The crazy and insane laughter in the background keeps the essence of the EP alive and awake.

To sum it all up, REQUIEM take you on a journey through the rooms and halls of an Asylum and makes you experience the dementia and insanity that resides in such a place.

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