In an interview with Art of Dance, Tha Playah revealed what he has in store for this year, and we can already tell it has a very good chance of being groundbreaking and taking Hardcore into a whole another era.

The artist will be releasing a new album named Sick and Twisted, along with launching a new label called State of Anarchy.

In what concerns his album, we can expect a continuation of the themes explored in the last one, including the Joker persona the artist appreciates so much. To explain what he has in store for the album, Tha Playah alluded to the fact that Hardcore has no boundaries – it can be “as slow, fast, hard or melodic as you want, as long as it creates complete chaos”. In addition to this, the artist mentioned something that’s been noticeable for some for quite some time now – Hardcore productions coming out lately have been mostly focused on faster tempos and rougher beats. Melodic elements from the past have been somewhat forgotten, and the Hardcore crowd is slowly realizing how much they’ve messed them, and have given Tha Playah a big thumbs up when he showcased his most recent melody-focused material. Maybe this album will originate a shift in how Hardcore generally sounds in the next few years and pave the way for fresh material that’s both rough and melodic, which would be rather interesting!

That being said, it seems we can expect an album with a lot of variety, in the usual Tha Playah style. We can also count on a few collaborations with both veteran producers and new talents… so maybe we’ll see the collab with Ophidian we’ve wrote about in February featured here!

To go hand in hand with the album, the new State of Anarchy label will be launched, and it will focus mainly on very high quality Hardcore, as well as boosting up and coming producers.

Now we’ll just have to wait to see all this unfold… It will most certainly be worth it keeping an eye on both the album and the label!

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