Last Friday, unexpectedly, Tomorrowland announced it would stop by four magical locations in the form of “Unite Tomorrowland“. Like us, many social media, newspapers, radio and pages in social networks shared the news.

However, as it become viral, many venues wanted a piece of the clicks and views, during this process information was lost and clickbait took place. Especially in a time and age where clicks mean money, misinformation, and “Headline reading” is ever so present. Wide Future decided to produce an article that aims to explain and clarify any queries you may have, if there are any left once you have read this article use our social networks to get in touch.

Here is what you need to know and understand!

  1. Is Tomorrowland – the festival – coming to Portugal/Spain/Greece/Malta? 

Yes and No!

Tomorrowland, is in fact coming to four locations across the globe – Porto (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), Marsa (Malta), and Athens (Greece) – However, unlike we have read across various articles, it’s NOT the whole festival. Tomorrowland is bringing out it’s smaller event called “Unite“.

So, yes, the brand “Tomorrowland” is going to be happening in those four cities – No, it’s not Tomorrowland the festival!

2.  What is Unite with Tomorrowland? 

Unite with Tomorrowland, is a smaller event part of the Tomorrowland brand. The event occurs during the same day and time as the main event in Boom, Belgium.

The organization describes the event as:

“An event held in a setting inspired by Tomorrowland (a customized UNITE stage, decoration and special effects) combined with a massive well-curated line-up of local & international artists. It’s more than just a livestream, it’s a unique show that allows you to escape reality.”

So, in other words, there will be a venue and a stage. In this stage there will be a live feed connection to the Tomorrowland’s Mainstage stream, but unlike we have seen written in a few articles there is more to it. The lineup for the Unite event will intercalate LIVE, ON-SITE, DJs and Livestream DJs.

3.  When and where will it happen?

Location: Porto
Venue: Parque Oriental da Cidade do Porto
Date: 27th of July
Opening Hours: 16:00

Location: Athens
Venue: Water Plaza
Date: 27th of July, 2019
Opening Hours: TBA

Location: Marsa
Venue: Marsa Sports Ground
Date: 27th of July
Opening hours: 2pm – 2 am CET

Location: Barcelona
Venue: Parc de Can Zam, Santa
Date: 27th of July
Opening hours: TBA
Check-in hours: TBA

4.  What will the stage look like? 

Stage be inspired in other Tomorrowland stages, this year’s edition will be the “Amicorum Spectaculum“. However, a smaller version that fits the purpose of the event and location.

5.  What will the prices be?

This is hard to tell, we won’t know for certain until tickets are released on the 15th of April. However, we did a little research and tickets last year at the Barcelona’s event started at 60€.

6.  What will be lineup?

This is also hard to say, however, an example of last year’s lineup in Barcelona and Malta are annexed bellow;

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