Shadient, known for his weird and experimental bass tunes, released his latest EP called “Divide” under Gud Vibrations. Filled with glitchy and amazing basslines, it is an amazing piece of work.

Recently he tweeted about this project being a collection of music, something he did not release for around 2 years. He also wrote: “more than ever I truly feel like I can translate ideas «onto paper» and realise my abstract visions I pride myslef on as Shadient”

The EP itself is full of extraordinary sounds and samples that resemble not only dubstep but also midtempo. It is really hard to identify the main genre, we can simply say “weird bass”!

Something that happens a lot when we dive into the world of experimental bass is that the songs don’t feel that clean and sometimes are really confusing. This did not happen with “Divide”: every song is incredibly well done and you can feel a certain flow that doesn’t abruptly stop in a middle of a song.

This is a great piece of work and with it being released under Gud Vibrations makes it even better. A “new” label having music with such quality is really good for the scene in general. It’s a new competitor with labels such as Wakaan when it comes to releases like this one.

If you want a new trip take a listen to Shadient‘s brand new EP, “Divide”:


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