That’s right folks, Swedish House Mafia  & Laidback Luke’s legendary track and one of dance music’s biggest anthems turns 10 this week.

The dance music world has been through a lot of change and for us fans, it’s easy to disregard how much it has changed. To put things into perspective, back in 2009 Hardwell was having his first baby steps on his international career, David Guetta released his “One Love” album, and many of our favorite artists today were still in their bedrooms dreaming of making it one day. Heck, Wide Future wasn’t even a thing!

Swedish House Mafia and Laidback Luke were also very different from what they are now. The Swedish trio didn’t even use their name officially (the track was even released with their individual names), although they were already well established artists in a scene that was still growing, and Laidback Luke was far from the “father figure”/teacher he is today.

In that paradigm, only a few tracks shone through the sea of house-y beats and way too “artificial” beats. The scene was in need of change (not necessarily for the best, depends on personal opinon), and “Leave the World Behind” was a welcome sight and established its place as an incredible track from day one (literally).

Released on April 1st 2009, “Leave the World Behind” was most certainly not a lie. The track felt magical from the first beat, as it gathered reputation as THE track to listen to in Miami in 2009. Starting out with Deborah Cox’s legendary vocals, and a plucky melody the track quickly followed to the drop, which featured the epic melody we’re all familiar with. The breakdown gave Deborah Cox some more time to shine, using her powerful voice and emotional lyrics, together with the well-known piano I’ve been humming since I first heard the track.

On a more personal note, this track brought me to dance music. It made me want to explore this wonderful world, know it and grow with it, as I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. And although I’ve listened to the track way more than I should, I still get shivers every time and the same feelings of nostalgia, curiosity, and all around happiness. So please, join us and relive one of the most iconic songs of all time:

“People, can you hear me?
Here’s a message that I’m sending out
I’ve got the answer to all your problems
And tonight I’ll be singing it loud”

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