L.U.X is a bass music DJ and producer from Israel that mainly releases dubstep. His sound design is super unique and focused around the harder and darkest aspects of riddim.

Last year he released his “Death Grip EP” and 3 singles (Black Fridays) on NSD: Black Label. He also released 2 official remixes (for “Senpai” and “404”) and was featured on the latest compilation from Uplink Audio and also Bassweight Records with our favourite track from him: “In Cold Blood”!

At the start of 2019 he released on SoundCloud his “2019 Showcase Mix” where he teased some tracks that he will release throughout the year. The mix was small but powerful, echoing all over the dubstep community with all the hard hitters.

Since the start of the year he already released 2 songs present in that very same mix. They were “Fate” and “Another Day” while still releasing the VIP for the second one (with a metal vibe!).

Some might not know it but L.U.X also does art (logos especially) for himself and others. Some artists that use a logo designed by him are TenGraphs and Point.Blank. This is his Instagram account:


Ver esta publicação no Instagram


Uma publicação partilhada por L.U.X ART (@luxdubzart) a

He is truly an amazing artist and we hope to see more from him in the near future! We know he has his bookings open for a Canada Tour and we wish him the best of luck. Perhaps we will see L.U.X play a major festival soon, we for sure would appreciate that!

For now we will leave you with a track we mentioned before. This is “In Cold Blood” by L.U.X, enjoy:

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