Delta Heavy, the British duo known for their outstanding ability to make you teleport and fly without leaving your seat and purely through their unique sounds, have just released their long-awaited album “Only In Dreams”. Following the the success of their debut album “Paradise Lost”, the pressure was on Ben and Simon’s shoulders to create something as unique and powerful as the previous one and after a thorough review on the album, we had some questions to ask them.

Wide Future [WF]: First of all, congratulations on this fantastic second album of yours. So, we would like to know, how much of an influence did the first album have in the making of this “Only In Dreams”

Delta Heavy [DH]: ‘Paradise Lost’ has had a huge influence on ‘Only In Dreams’ as it really set the stage for all of the music we have written since it’s release. We spent a long time working on the first album, it took us three years from beginning to end because at that point we were really working on our sound. Our productions since then have shown a continuation but also an evolution of our work and sound; ‘Paradise Lost’ was where we originated three years ago and ‘Only In Dreams’ is where we are, right now.

[WF]: Which would you say was the most natural album to be created?

[DH]: ‘Only in Dreams’ required a lot less work overall and was a lot quicker to make. Being older and wiser we now have a greater understanding of what we are trying to do and the sound we want to express. We’ve learned a lot since the production and release of ‘Paradise Lost’ and all of the music we have released since… we have written nearly an album’s worth of material between the two albums.

[WF]: Your tracks have a very intergalactic travel feeling to them, almost like there’s this marvellous adventure waiting to be unveiled by your sounds. How important is this to you guys?

[DH]: It’s great that you have identified that because that’s how we feel when we are writing music, especially a lot of the more space-themed tracks. Going right back to ‘Space Time’ and the sounds that we used to create it, the video that we conceived which was an intergalactic journey through wormholes, space and time; these aspects really set the scene for the excitement for the kind of sound that we were trying to forge. We feel It’s really important to place the idea of imagining where you are when you’re hearing things, an element of visualisation. As two people creating music together, we verbalise sounds with each other when we are trying to explain what we want things to sound like. Through that medium, we can create a concept that we both understand and envisage between us.

[WF]: In all honesty, this might be one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, everything just works along so well, and every track seems to complete the previous one. Was this a crucial focus or did it naturally happen?

[DH]: That’s great to hear! There was no crucial focus, to be honest, it was pure luck in terms of how the tracks flowed from one to the next, almost like fate. We wanted to focus on writing a lot of good music, we wanted individual tracks that would stand out by themselves. In ‘Paradise Lost’ different tracks did shine but we were very focused on creating the journey, from beginning to the end and that was how we wrote it. With ‘Only In Dreams’ we have managed to do that, but it’s come together unintentionally. I think this signals that we have become better at understanding how we write music. It was quite new to us when writing the first album.

[WF]: This, of course, is a multi-genre album, drifting from one genre to the other, is there any track that was more fun to create than the others? One that stands out for you, whether it’s for the sounds or for how it was created or for its profound meaning.

[DH]: Lift you Up’ was a lot of fun to write. It was quite easy to connect the dots, the ideas came together easily and it flowed throughout the process, it’s always fun when it comes together with such ease. The feel of the track is extremely uplifting and energetic, it has been really enjoyable to play at all of our shows. It has a great vibe throughout, it gives us such a good feeling and people seem to really enjoy it. There are different tracks that stand out to us for various reasons but this is definitely one of the more ‘fun’ tracks on ‘Only In Dreams’.

[WF]: Your intro track, ‘In Dreams’, starts the album with some thrilling cinematic sounds, in your opinion, how important is the initial impact of an album in setting “the mood” for the rest of it?

[DH]: It’s absolutely key to create the mood of an album from the offset. Some albums you find start with the big hits and then they taper off as the album progresses. We always try to create a journey, where there are peaks and troughs at different stages throughout. For us, the intro is essential for setting the scene. For both albums, we created intros that take you to a place in your mind before the action starts. ‘In Dreams’ was the last track we wrote for the album, it was created after we had put everything into running order and once we had finished writing all of the tracks, once the mood was decided and the journey complete.

[WF]: Back in 2017 you remixed a Zeds Dead track, and one year later you find yourselves creating a track side by side. We’d love to know how it was to work alongside them, considering both you and Zeds Dead share the same need for a wonderful story in the track.

[DH]: Zeds Dead were the perfect collaborators as they share a similar focus as ourselves in how they write music. Their music is quite varied, they write some heavy dance floor tunes and also produce a lot of lighter, more melodic tracks with various tempos and genres and that’s exactly what we love to do. To have that total freedom to create a track, knowing you’re both on the same page is liberating.

[WF]: You have a massive tour going on at the moment, which we imagine is pretty hectic, but we would love to know if you can unveil what exciting things are ahead of you?

[DH]: On top of the tour and some cool festivals over the summer, we will be continuing to make lots of music; we have a lot in the pipeline already.

[WF]: Would branching out to create a movie soundtrack something you would like to do?

[DH]: That would be absolutely amazing, it really is one of our life goals. We are obsessed with movie soundtracks, they’re a massive influence on the journey of Delta Heavy. We love movies and we feel that the soundtrack is such an incredibly important part of creating the mood, so yeah, producing a soundtrack is something we think about, a lot. We are massive fans of Hans Zimmer and we are totally captivated by the work that he has done with Christopher Nolan, the film making and music making combined has raised the bar of movie making to such a high level, it really highlights how important music is in storytelling.

[WF]: One thing we can notice in all your collaborations is that we can always find your characteristic sounds on the track, fused with the other artist’s personal touch. How important is it, in your opinion, for people to be able to find a bit of both in the collaboration?

[DH]: It would be really bad if only one artist is heard in a collab track; if that’s the case it’s really defeating the object. The whole point of a collaboration is to get both artists’ stories out there or to create a whole new journey and sound together. If we did a collaboration and it only reflected our sound, we would want whoever we are working with to bring more of their style and personality to the track. We want there to be a great blend, of course, we want our sound to come across, but it has to be both styles or a new concept that’s stemmed from the ideas of both parties.

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