The DJ and French producer, DJ Snake, returns to the releases and this time brings no voice from the world of “Pop” and surprised the audience again.

Talking about electronic music, DJ Snake is one of the names that without a doubt cannot be missed due to his great journey in the scene and the great success that he had by putting all his quality in the songs that he has produced and played all over the world. This time he brings us his new music with the collaboration of Eptic, “SouthSide”.

A collaboration of two artists that ends up going very well, mixing the electrifying rhythms of Eptic and combining with all the quality of DJ Snake, thus giving us a track that will undoubtedly make everyone dance on the biggest dancefloors in the world. The 25-year-old Belgian DJ known in electronic music for Eptic has been gaining prominence, with the year of 2018 seeing several of his productions and a tour in North America, touring several cities.

DJ Snake doesn’t need presentations and this track shows all the quality that the French DJ has shown over the years and its versatility in being able to make music with any DJ or singer of any musical genre, as was the example of great hits like “Taki Taki”, “Let me love you”, “Creep on Me” among others.

Listen below, the new track of DJ Snake with Eptic:

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