The Dutch duo, Yellow Claw, have been confirmed to return to Portugal this summer to play at Dancefloor!

Having already performed at events such as RFM Somnii and Beach Party, Yellow Claw are quite well known to the Portuguese public, so this confirmation will most certainly please electronic music fans in general.

Yellow Claw are well known for their outside of the box approach to music that results in them releasing tracks in different genres, from Trap to Hardstyle, and a few other things in between, and their lastest EP (Danger Days) is another proof that they’re quite versatile artists. Their label Barong Family is also a place where you can find music of all genres, having featured tracks from Coone, MoksiCesqeaux among other talented artists.

This is an heavy confirmation that will most certainly attract a lot of people to Braga in late July!

Yellow Claw

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