The German duo, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, have been confirmed to play in the upcoming Fuse Records matiné party.

“From the Latin aprilis, the month of April literally means to open. A true reference to the germination of cultures and peoples that we want to recreate. On the 13th we return to Room L at the Lx Factory guided by the sound of the Germans Kollektiv Turmstrasse, and accompanied by a novelty. The party starts early with a pre-party lunch.”

This is how the promotor and record label, Fuse Records, introduced the upcoming Matiné on the 13th of April. Kollektiv Turmstrasse are a duo based our of Germany. Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann – real names of the two artists who makeup Kollektiv Turmstrasse – operate in the techno and house scene like no other, there is more that meets the eye with this duo, producing and playing music that meets the body and the soul.

The duo meet at a party where both were booked, Nico played as a live act and Christian as a DJ, becoming friends as in their own words “There weren’t many local music nerds, it was inevitable for us to become friends”. Later in 2000 they opened up their first studio in a street named Turmstrasse, it was their record dealer who pushed the two to produce and release music.

Their cinematic take on 4/4 electronic music has earned them praise from all four corners of the world, with music that can be enjoyed anywhere, any time, in any stage. Kollektive Turmstrasse today are mostly known for ‘Sorry I am Late’, ‘Lüchttorn’ and  ‘Last Day’. However, it was the release of ‘Turmstrasse’ on Electronic Parliament imprint in 2001.

You can purchase tickets for this event here.

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