Since late last week, all eyes are on a post made in the Atmozfears official fan group, where a fan asked what was Tim’s opinion on a collaboration between him and Phuture Noize, which Tim commented with tagging Marco and simply saying “less do it”.

After this, said post was shared on Phuture Noize’s fan group as well, and things snowballed from there. We can see many fans from both artists extremely excited for this to happen! As it was very well pointed out on both posts, although these artists have styles that are quite distinct, they’ve crossed paths a few times in the past, and made quality tracks that were well received, so it would be no surprise if they ended up collaborating once more, or remixing each other.

Looking back on their collabs, we have Destrukto, released back in 2012 on Scantraxx, and Unexpected, a banger made for Phuture Noize’s first album, Music Rules The Noize, in 2013. In what concerns remixes, we have the Atmozfears remix of Fadin’, featured on Music Rules The Noize and Phuture Noize’s remix of Another Day, which was never officially released, but ended up seeing the light of the day via a limited edition pen drive that Tim handed out in special occasions in 2016 that contained unreleased and discarded tracks, to which this remix belonged.

That being said, it will be interested to see what the future brings, and if we will see two of the greatest talents Hardstyle ever had collaborate again! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one.

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