This week, Thyron announced that he’ll be releasing a new album, called My Way. The follow up to Lucid Dreams will include tracks with a wide variety of sounds that, according to the artist, form a very interesting package and provide an insight of the direction he wants to go, production wise, and also what he’d like to see within the Raw Hardstyle scene.

The artist also states the tracks on this album are very influenced by sounds from other genres, such as Big Room, Techno and Trap, and that there will be a few collaborations, which leads us to think there will be quite a few outside the box tracks which should make for a very interesting listening experience.

Bas also shared that the album is named this way because of the title track, which is very special to him because “it held a very personal story about my love for the music”. The video ends with a promise of previews very soon!

Judging by the announcement, we can tell Thyron has grown and finally separated himself from the bad image he had within the scene a few years back. His background and experiences during his time at Fusion Records (which eventually led him to self release his first album) and his more positive experiences and success releasing under the Gearbox umbrella seem to have both improved him as a producer/DJ and as a person as well.

We can’t wait to have a listen to what this artist has in store for us!

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