KEVU have decided to step away from their traditional sound in their latest track “Cha Cha”, a collab with Maeva Carter released on Maxximize.

The Portuguese duo is no stranger to the dance music world anymore. After jumpstarting their career back in 2015 with Blasterjaxx supporting their track “City of Brass”, KEVU have been on the limelight of big room, collaborating with artists like Robert Falcon and Olly James, remixing Tiesto’s legendary “Lethal Industry” and releasing track regularly on Maxximize Records.

Maeva’s career has been successful as well. The French DJ was a part of French musical trio Ocean Drive with a relative amount of success, and, since 2013, she has been solo, releasing various singles. Recently, Maeva has been releasing songs under the wing of Maxximize Records as well, and now she and KEVU release “Cha Cha”.

The track is a small departure of KEVU’s usual energetic, huge, festival-like anthems we’re used to, but a pleasant one. It starts out with a Latin vocal which leads us to the build up and then the drop, which has a certain more mature groove to it, far from the big room anthems KEVU usually release.  One would even say it sounds Kryder-ish.
The breakdown features the same vocal, latin ad-libs and even latin inspired percussion, with the second drop repeating most of the elements of the first one whilst adding a couple more synths to close down the track.

You can check it out in the link down below.

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