Last Friday AREA21, a supposed duo between Martin Garrix and Maejor, released a new track in Martin’s label, STMPD RCRDS, like we previously mentioned. Since the premier of ‘Spaceships’ back in 2016, that AREA21 had great acceptance in the Dance Music scene and quickly grew a huge fan base. Their characteristic sound is awesome and the lyrics are always good too. This new track has, again, awesome beats and vocals with a strong message that you can miss.

To start, the song’s name is ‘HELP‘, not ‘Help’, like if they were screaming. The song starts with the chorus were they say that ‘right now is not the right time’ to come to our planet. And why? Because there is too much hate and too many ‘fake sh*t’, meaning that people don’t think for them selves and they believe in whatever others tell. Besides this, after the chorus, they also say ‘when you’re all together you look at your screens’ and this is another problem. People pay no attention to what other people say when they are face-to-face and it’s way more easy to look into the phone and pretend they are listening. Also, ‘people killing others ’cause of their beliefs’… I think this is self-explanatory.

In the first verse they refer that they tried to come down on Earth but there was no light and they only like ‘species’ with good vibes. They end up the verse saying that they hope that we wake up for reality and start doing what is right before is too late.

The lyrics have a real powerful message. You haven’t listen to the song yet, please do it. This was our interpretation and I am sure that a lot of interpretations exist for this song, as the words may have different meaning for different persons. Anyway, here is the new track by AREA21. Hope you enjoy it!

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