After teasing “Kaolo, Pt. 4”, “20.000 Volts” and “Danger Days” for weeks (if not months), Yellow Claw finally release all of this and more on their brand new EP “Danger Days”.

The dutch duo dropped “Give It to Me“, the first track of this new EP, not long ago but today we finally had access to the full EP with everything we were expecting. The biggest track is for sure “Kaolo, Pt. 4”: a tune that the duo have been playing for months on their sets. The other fan awaited track is “20.000 Volts”: a collaboration with Radical Redemption and a rawstyle slaughter with not only a psytrance drop but also a trap part.

Other amazing tunes are “Can’t Help Myself” with Juyen Sebulba and “Break of Dawn” with Stoltenhoff. Overall a well rounded EP with Yellow Claw going back to their roots and showing what they still have to offer, not opting to go towards the mainstream route.

The EP has 8 tracks in total with only one being released earlier so there is a lot for you to listen to if you’re a trap fan. 23 minutes of Amsterdam trap music, psytrance, hardstyle and good vibes! We hope you enjoy the “Danger Days” EP as much as we did:

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