This week we decided it was time to teleport to Australia and bring a guest whose signature sounds will give you the wildest goosebumps, a man responsible for fusing Melbourne Bounce with the dark side of Psy-Trance, the one and only, Dimatik!

Born in Adelaide, Australia, it’s not difficult to see why Dimatik’s style is so heavily influenced by Melbourne Bounce. His journey began back in 2014, and after a long year of releasing his very own productions, he joined forces with Monik and Carroch, to create the track that catapulted his name to the world. “Giratina” is what it’s called, and much like the legendary Pokémon, this one became a legendary track. Released under the label Nik Cooper, this one gathered a staggering 1 million views in that same year.

After this, he proceeded to release and collaborate with artist’s whose style resemble his. Together with Timmy Trumpet, he created “Punjabi”, a wonderful track inspired by the sounds of India, that works in phenomenal fashion their Psy-Trance.

And surprisingly enough, today marked the released of “Outer Space”, his brand-new track together with MR. BLACK which has been released under Hardwell’s very own label, Revealed Records. Outer Space has a very fast pace feel to it, with the track being extremely energetic. Though many might not consider the track to be the regular Psy-Trance that we’re used to, the track is produced in unbelievable fashion and will get you pumped.

It is with great excitement that we present to you this wonderful mix, that features track by Zatox, Ran-D, Gammer, Tweekacore, aswell as a mindblowing amount of his own edits and productions.

Are you ready to have your heart-rate rising to 150 bpm?!

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