The queen of Hardstyle, Deetox, returns after her hiatus and announces an album. After being away from the studio to give birth to Noah, Deetox is back on track and will soon start releasing Revival, a compilation consisting in 3 EP’s that will, according to the artist, translate into music a bit of her story so far and will “capture the essence of a phase within the path that I was forced to walk”.

The first part is named Fallen, and will be released later this week. Taking into account the artwork, it will speak about when, in 2017, Diana was struck by lightning just before that years Defqon.1, which led her to being hospitalized and not able to perform at the event.

On her Facebook page, Deetox presented two previews, one for Rock Bottom, featuring the vocalist Last Word, and another one for One Last Time, a collaboration with Crystal Mad.

On her announcement, Deetox wrote that Revival will be about the “last couple of years”, however there is much more to explore of this artist than just her recent past, such as when she first started developing her sound back in 2012 on the Theracords label, and when she started getting more visibility in the scene in late 2015/early 2016. So here’s to hoping this compilation has a bit of her old sound as well!

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