Will Sparks, one of the most well known aussie DJs/Producers out there has upped the game with his new collab with Danny Avila.

What can be said about Sparks? Well, for starters, he invented a new genre of electronic music. Born as William James Sparks, the Melbourne-born is credited with the rise of what is known as the Melbourne Bounce, a genre popularized by its big thumping kicks, electro-house stabs and heavy basslines. It was most popular from about 2013 to 2016, exactly when Will Sparks was rapidly climbing in the world of dance music. Since then, he has sold out stages and clubs around the world, founded his own label Bourne Recordings, and has his tracks racking up millions of plays on Spotify.

His fellow collaborator on this track, Danny Avila, was once seen as one of the greatest prospects in dance music. His story is similar to Martin Garrix’s in a way, as both rose to extreme fame and popularity in their late teens and both had their start in big room and Spinnin Records. Danny has had his music released on SONY, Musical Freedom, and tracks like “Cream” with Tujamo, “Loco” with the NERVO twins and “Too Good to be True” feat The Vamps & Machine Gun Kelly have garnered millions between them.

It’s safe to assume they have both fared incredibly well on their own, and judging by their latest track, “Fat Beat”, they will do alright together as well. The track starts out with a simple synth and some stadium claps. The chord progressions takes us to the build up and then a drop with makes justice to the name of the track. The breakdown continues with the stadium claps and a simple arpeggiator, which leads the listener nicely to the second brain-melting drop.

Check out the track in the link down below!

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