Italian producer and DJ, GLDN is under fire after an investigation led by The QR Network and supported by EDM Reviewer which exposed the truth about GLDN’s release “Skyline”, that came out on Hardwell’s iconic Revealed Recordings.

As stated by the original article by the EDM Reviewer and The QR Network “This story is still developing as we gather responses from GLDN, Strike Nine, and Revealed Recordings

Many were surprised when Revealed Recordings changed the credits of their “Skyline” release from “GLDN” to “AXYS & PVLSE” as this is not a move that I can ever recall seeing done by a major label before.

To understand how this all happened, we have to look at the origins of the track itself. According to The QR Network,

“Near the end of 2016, “Skyline” started off as a normal collaboration between AXYS and PVLSE with the intention of signing it to a decent label under their own names. However, once they had done all they could on the track, they didn’t feel like it had the potential to get signed anywhere. They also lacked the budget to bring on a vocalist to take the track to the next level. Taking those two thoughts into consideration, both producers decided to sell the track.”

AXYS allegedly sent the track out to American producer, Strike Nine who responded to the message and told AXYS that he would get back to him. From there, it seems that Strike Nine sent the track to GLDN. Without making any changes, GLDN sent the track to Revealed Recordings as a solo release and it was published on the 2nd of October 2017.

About this matter, the investigation stated the following:

“There have been a lot of questions as to why the track was released by GLDN alone and without Strike Nine, who was the person who had stolen the track in the first place. To answer this, we have to look back at the history between these two. From our other sources, it’s believed that GLDN is the one with the money and that he’s been the one to pay for other ghost productions and perhaps even tour gigs in Asia.”

The QR Network added “One of my sources for this piece was one of the two ghost producers who worked on the track, “Hammer” which was released as a collaboration between Strike Nine & Ravekid that was released on Cell Recordings. According to this source, he was paid for this track in full by GLDN. So this is an example of GLDN footing the bill to advance the career of what I can only assume is his close friend, Strike Nine.”

(On a previous investigation, EDM Reviewer revealed the truth about the well-known Cell Recordings, showing proof of their fake statistics on both Soundcloud and Spotify)

Skyline” appears to have been stolen by Strike Nine as a gift for all the generosity of GLDN towards Strike Nine over the years, as already mentioned.

This stolen track was the first release of GLDN on the iconic Revealed Recordings, through the Revealed Community, and it appears AXYS and PVLSE didn’t know about what happened to their track until they tried to upload it on the Revealed Community only to get blocked by the automatic detection software. Confused as to why he couldn’t upload his own track, “AXYS then Shazam’ed his track and that’s when he found that his track had been stolen”

AXYS reached out to the Revealed Recordings offices, and talked to Stijn van Dijken, revealing the truth about the track. Upon receiving convincing evidence, Stijn van Dijken was the responsible for getting the credit right on “Skyline”. He also issued a statement to The QR Network:

“On behalf of Revealed Recordings, here’s our response: Revealed Recordings aims to provide a platform for fans, DJ’s and talented producers. One of the most important things for us at is originality. When we discover people are stealing tracks from upcoming talent, this is a direct threat to everything we stand for and we will respond accordingly when we discover such activity.'”

This is still being done as some platforms, like Spotify, require more burocracy.

AXYS asked Stijn van Dijken to get in touch with GLDN to make sure everything was settled in paper, as they worked on new paperwork for “Skyline.” In his Instagram stories, GLDN denied ever having received contact from Revealed concerning this matter.

At this point, and about Strike Nine, the investigation states:

“For the story, we talked with another collaborator of Strike Nine who told us about how he didn’t contribute much to the track they were all working on. Once it was released, the track also had to get taken off of Soundcloud because “someone” had botted the song and Revealed removed it from the platform. You can still listen to it on Spotify & YouTube but this just goes to show the character of Strike Nine as well as his “promotional practices”.

Revealed took this matter seriously, and they have been acting accordingly.

As stated by the EDM Reviewer and The QR Network, the investigation is not closed, and this is not the end of the story, so it’s expected that more truth is exposed shortly.

Special thanks to EDM Reviewer and The QR Network for kindly helping me with the details.

The original post can be found here.

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