This week, on a livestream, Q-Dance released all the details that Hard Dance addicts were eager to know about Defqon.1, and we can already tell this will be another huge edition of what’s probably the biggest gathering of the year for fans of harder dance music.

This year’s edition will have The Spotlight, which is a new show that aims to highlight an artist that accomplished big achievements last year, and for this, the artists chosen were Phuture Noize in the Blue area and Dr. Peacock in the Black area. Both will have an endshow of their own on Friday, during The Gathering. The artists promised new music, with the usual endshow-like experience we’re used to from Q-Dance events. There will also be something new on Sunday, with a few stage changes, such as the Blue area moving to the Black stage, the Black area going to a stage outdoors, and the UV area moving to the stage that usually hosts the Blue area, so there will be a clear distinction between areas and stages, where an area will go through different stages throughout the weekend.

There will also be other exciting moments that Defqon.1 visitors are used to, like the Power Hour and The Endshow on the main stage.

During the livestream, the anthem was also presented, and we got to know that JDX co-produced the anthem, together with Phuture Noize, Sefa and KELTEK, helping them blend their styles in one single track.

If you’d like, you can also check the full lineup at the official Q-Dance website, which contains a few interesting acts and surprises, such as the return of Frontliner to Q-Dance stages, Deetox presenting her Revival act, Audiotricz with their The Next Chapter live act and Ophidian doing 2 performances, one on the Gold area with Ruffneck and another one in the Silver with his Raziel alias.

Be sure to listen to this year’s anthem below:

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