DJ Ride

DJ Ride

Last night, 28th of February, Stereossauro hosted the official party for his album that was released exactly one month ago today – 1st of February.

The party that lasted for a little over than two hours had various surprises, with DJ Ride opening the festivities with his usual Electronic Music infused with Hip-Hop. After a mild atmosphere, getting warmer and warmer with every scratch, it was time for Stereossauro to join Ride on stage accompanied by a Drummer and a Guitarist. DJ Ride remained all night on stage, playing alongside his “brother” Stereossauro. Ride saw this album become a thing along these nine past years, so this was a special night for him too.

At this point the crowd was warm and eager to get started, packed house, the first track played that night was “Novo Sal” a collaboration with Razat and Paulo de Carvalho on the vocals. This was a special moment, many may not know, but Razat passed away in August, making this a special and sentimental moment for all present. The night continued with various tracks from the album being performed by the band – “Flor de Maracujá“, “Duas Casas” and a few others.

Stereossauro introduced the first guest, Gisela João, a northern Fado singer who would perform live “Vento“, one of the most incredible moments of the night. The night continued with “So Sodade” and “Código da Rua”. Stereo proceeded to announce he would play B2B with DJ Ride for the next few minutes, in a moment that was incredible and clearly demonstrated why the duo – Beatbombers – deserve to be world champions. The pair performed “Negro Barco” during this incredible moment that features samples from the inconceivable voice of late Amália Rodrigues.

Gisela João

The band returns on stage and with it the second guest, Nerve, who come on stage to perform “Ingrato” a track that was co-produced with DJ Ride. Nerve confessed just before his performance.

“Stereossauro, is one of the most humble Portuguese artists in the industry, once he invited me I couldn’t say no. In fact, the first time I performed in Lisbon was with him (Stereossauro) back in 2007”.

Stereossauro allowed DJ Ride to play solo, demonstrating exactly why he is one of the best scratchers in the world. The party continued with the performance of the 4-element band performing “Arleking” and yet another guest, Sr. Preto to perform “FFFFF“. Before possibly the biggest moment of the night, it was time to perform “Pequenino” an instrumental track with DJ Ride’s brother, Holly.

The night was coming to an end, but before it was all over, it was time for an intensive last ten or so minutes. Stereossauro asked on stage Papillon, Plutónio and one of the most sought after Portuguese Hip-Hop artists of the moment, Slow J on stage to perform “Nunca Pares“. This triggered a huge rawr from the crowd and an explosive performance from the band and the Hip-Hop artists. To end the night, DJ Ride and Stereossauro played the classic “Anos Verdes” and closed off with a snippet of what was the performance that led them to win for the second year in a row at the IDA World DJ Championships.

Slow J, Papillon and Plutónio

It was an incredible night, a night that echoed Portuguese culture through and through, and we were glad to be a part of it.

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