Christian Smith, better known in the Electronic music scene as Crankdat, is responsible for some of the wildest tracks out there.

His 2018 was packed with exciting collaborations and unique projects of his, such as, “Kneel Before Me”, with SLANDER, released on Monstercat, that rapidly became a fan favorite, and together with Tisoki, “Wobble”, but no project comes close to the dimension that this next one will take!

This debut EP, Gearworld VOL 1, will be released on Kayzo’s very own label, Welcome Records, and all hints lead to this being a phenomenal compilation filled with Crankdat’s most genuine and heartfelt creations.

In a Twitter post, Christian explains how he felt like he was trapped under a spell, with this meaning that he felt his tracks need to be accepted and follow a certain path to be able to exist for the public to listen.

Through this project, he will release the tracks that better represents his feeling and we will get a close insight to what Crankdat’s heart and soul sounds like.

This post was received with great love from his fans, and the excitement levels have reached new heights as they await impatiently for this EP to come out.

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