One of the year’s compilations regarding riddim is now available to everyone. It’s the third volume of the compilation brought to you by Savage Society Records. It features some great artists such as Blankface, BloodThinnerz, BVSSIC, Dubscribe, Lev3l, and many more!

It is, like the previous compilations, a mix between the wonkiest and more minimalistic side of riddim with the more aggressive sound designs.

Some of the tracks have already been released on their SoundCloud but the official release with everything included only occured yesterday. It has a total of 20 tracks, one of them being a remix by Chmst to a Blankface track. The ones to highlight are Lev3l‘s “Bad Behaviour” (his first release of the year) and Benzmixer‘s “In The Night” (a great riddim track with a bunch of brostep and melodic elements).

These kinds of compilations are great not only for the audience but also for the artists to be able to showcase their work. They usually feature producers who are less known to the public in general and that is a great way of letting them show what they are capable of.

Savage Society is a go to label when it comes to riddim, especially if you’re into this more minimalistic type so keep an eye out for their next releases. For now we will leave you with their third volume of Savage Selects and we remind you to listen to the previous two volumes if you haven’t already:

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