After teasing the album idea for months, Frontliner finally shows us the final tracklist for OMG! It’s Frontliner.

After being intermittently absent from production and socials for what seemed an eternity for fans, Barry re-emerged last year and has been increasingly active in the studio. He’s been doing daily streams while producing since the start of the year, taking challenges from fans during these streams, and finishing off the successor to Producers Mind. The tracklist is composed of a few different tracks he’s already teased and/or played live and other new tracks as well. So far, feedback on the album is mixed: tracks like Bounce and Alive received generally negative reviews. This can be explained as these are somewhat simpler tracks that are quite different from the usual sound you’d expect from Frontliner, or more outside the box than the usual Hardstyle we’re used to. However, energetic tracks like Drowning or the already released For You have had very positive feedback from the community.

No particular release dates have been announced for this album thus far, and some fans are still afraid that it will not happen, or at least not anytime soon. After being allegedly thrown out from Q-Dance stages, Frontliner’s release schedule has been a bit inconsistent. The fact that the B-Frontliner album has been teased a while back and never released is also cause for concern. Their famous World Outside track has now been unreleased for 4 years, without any sign of being out in the near future.

We sure hope nothing stops Frontliner this time, and that he’s able to peacefully finish his music, and finally release his long awaited album!

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