In a recent post on social media, Titan has announced the end of his career.

During the video, George spoke in a heartfelt way to all his fans, saying that he’s lost the love for Hardstyle, and that he’ll stop his career after his upcoming bookings at Origins and REBiRTH Festival. In the meantime he still has two releases, before his final goodbye.

Titan has been going strong for over a decade, and has been one of the biggest Fusion Records representatives, releasing there most of his career, with big names from the label like Zany and Slim Shore assisting him in his productions, and helping him go one step beyond. He’s been through the biggest stages and festivals, such as Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Q-Base, The Continent and has been on the forefront of the rougher side of Hardstyle, with releases like My Angel, Remember Me and collaborations such as Sentinel with Warface, Getting Off with Frequencerz and Demon with Jack Of Sound. He also released an album called Demolition of Silence, and launched a live act called Titanomachy to showcase it, which he had the chance to do on places like Qapital in 2015.

In addition to leaving behind his career and all his accomplishments, this is most likely the end of his recently created label, Brute Force Music, through which he had released his latest tracks.

In short, this is the end for a great producer and DJ, who will be missed. However, during his career he left a very respectable discography, which will most certainly keep being played on stages everywhere, so he will never be forgotten!



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