Russian trio Swanky Tunes have released a new track on Spinnin Records called “Supersonic”, featuring Christian Burns’ powerful voice.

The Russian trio has been living the high life in these past few years. They first joined up in 1998, originally making a more techno-inspired sound, but eventually changed to the more progressive/electro house sound we know and love today.

Over the last 9 years, Swanky Tunes’ popularity has skyrocketed: from releasing tracks in labels like Steve Angello’s Size Records, Tiesto’s Musical Freedom and Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings, to playing on the world’s greatest stages and eventually reaching their best position on the Top 100 DJs in 27th place; Vadim Shpak, Dmitry Burykin and Stanislav Zaytsev have done it all. They even have their own label called Showland, founded in 2012 following the trio’s rise to stardom.

Also, fun fact: one of the trio’s members, Vadim Shpak, is Shapov’s cousin, which is probably why Swanky Tunes were often associated with the now disbanded duo Hard Rock Sofa. The more you know.

The trio returns to releasing tracks, just a little over two weeks after their previous release. The track starts out with Christian Burns’ chilling vocals, with a build-up being added. This in turn climaxes nicely with the progressive house-inspired drop. The breakdown cranks up the emotion to 11, as we can listen to a few speeding up synths, and a bassline reminiscent of Armin Van Buuren & Shapov’s “The Last Dancer”. Christian Burns’ voice shines through once again and is the track’s bonding agent, giving it a completely new emotional vibe, following up nicely to the second drop. Overall, a captivating and addictive swanky tune (pun intended) that is sure to make you dance and, with the help from Christian Burns’ vocals (which I’m probably gushing about a bit too much), be on loop on your playlist. It already is on mine.

Give the track a listen in the link down below!

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