Only five months have passed since the release of his mesmerizing debut album, Visceral, and Getter seems about ready to release another full album!

This is likely to be a follow up to his previously released Visceral LP, which featured some marvelous experimental sounds and some chilling melodies, arguably making this one, one of the most beautiful albums last year.

Tanner Petulla had announced earlier this year that he would be doing a Visceral Live tour across the US, an adventure that will only end towards April 2019.

Electronic music, however, is not the only thing that Getter is known for, with rap and gaming taking up a big chunk of his attention and dedication.

Terror Reid, his rap alias, has remained rather silent and fans eagerness for a comeback has indeed woken up the beast. Getter reached out to a fan saying that he was working on a new album!

And if you thought this was all, alongside some of his friends, Getter announced he started a gaming team called Chaqatas.

Covering all fronts and announcing something for every passion of his, all this information will take a while for fans to let sink in. Getter seems ready to surprise everyone so stay aware!

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