Estonian duo WATEVA made their debut release on Future House Music in the form of “Ice Cream”.

Ice Cream” remembers us of 2015’s Future House sounds, and it was already supported by Ellis, Keanu Silva, Oliver Heldens, Plastik Funk, Bingo Players, Don Diablo, Swanky Tunes, Sagan, among others.

WATEVA it’s the project of well-known Drum & Bass producers Cartoon and Futuristik, and they are releasing music together only since June 2017, having signed on record labels such as NCS, Selected and Fated.

On their Soundcloud bio we can read they “have joined creative forces to introduce a fresh blend of bass driven dance floor fillers”.

“WATEVA’s purpose is to deliver something unexpected, different and weird to their audience.”
The duo is now based on LA, with the purpose of getting this new project to the spotlight.

Stream and Download “Ice Cream” here.

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