Ian Slider, better known by his alias, Space Laces, released today, 18th February of 2019, his newest single “Phone Tap”.

The north-american DJ/Producer has been around for many years, making his first appearence in 2006. He has produced house, electro and ambient hip-hop songs, but nowadays he is mostly recognized by his dubstep tracks. Ian worked with Excision many times, for example, on “Throwin’ Elbows”, which was on Excision’s album “Virus”, and on “Rumble”. In 2017 the collab with Snails “Break It Down” was released on OWSLA, featuring Sam King on the vocals. He also teamed up with Getter and both released “Choppaz”, that came out on Never Say Die Records. Together with that label, Space Laces launched his first EP which came out on June 6th of 2018. Included in that project were the dubstep hits “Torque” and the song that named the EP “Overdrive”.

Space Laces is a producer who brings a lot to the table. He utilizes a huge amount of sound design in his songs, because of that aspect and by being able to produce pretty much anything he feels like, the DJ is admired by all artists from the bass music industry.

With “Phone Tap” Ian brings us another masterpiece of his own. Listen to the song down below and let us know what you think!

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